Window Soundproofing

Achieve up to 95% reduction of outside noise. If you are suffering from exterior noise like traffic, trains, planes, or noisy neighbors, it is very likely that most of the noise is entering your home through its weakest point… The windows and/or sliding glass doors.

How do soundproof windows work?

Our soundproof windows do not require you to replace or remove your existing windows. They are custom designed and fabricated to match the look and function of your existing windows while creating an effective barrier against noise. Adding a secondary window is by far a better solution than replacing your existing windows with a “soundproof replacement window”. Our windows are made from aluminum frames, and laminated glass in different thicknesses depending on your specific noise problem.

How much noise reduction can I expect with soundproof windows?

Overall noise reduction depends on a few factors; the type of noise, your proximity to the noise, and the construction of your exterior walls. When dealing with street or highway noise, we can reduce the noise by 75-95%. If you live next to the elevated rail or freight train, we can reduce the noise by 50-95%, Airplane noise can be reduced by 75-95%. Again, there are a few factors that come into play when dealing with exterior noise. If you contact us with a description of your noise problem, one of our soundproofing experts can let you know how much reduction can be achieved.

Are there more benefits to adding soundproof windows?

In addition to their ability to block sound, there are more benefits to adding soundproof windows. Since our windows double as an interior storm window, most of our clients notice a difference right away in the amount of heat, cold, dust and draft that enters their home. To be exact, our windows block 99% of dust and draft. Pollutants and allergens will be greatly reduced if not completely eliminated as well.

How do I know my windows need soundproofing, and not my walls?

Noise travels the path of weakest resistance. Of all the materials your house is constructed from, whether your home is wood frame, or brick, the windows are the weakest part of the wall and should be addressed first when dealing with exterior noise. A typical window’s primary function is to block elements like heat, and cold; not sound. In most cases, our soundproof windows are all it takes to remedy the noise problem. In some cases, walls may need soundproof treatment.

What about “soundproof” curtains and triple-pane windows?

Alternative treatments may help decrease noise, but the improvement will be marginal. Since we’ve been in business, we’ve seen many solutions fail to meet our customers expectations. If you want to save yourself a good deal of frustration and money, contact us for a free estimate and phone consultation.

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    Since our product is fabricated locally, there is no need to pay large amounts of money for shipping and handling costs. When the manufacturing process is complete, our polite technicians will professionally install your soundproof windows in about an hour per window. Once they are installed, you can be assured that our soundproof windows will not only last the duration you own your home, but future owners as well. We back all of our windows with a lifetime warranty.

    Citiquiet can design the best product for any situation, from one bedroom window to the 250 windows installed at the United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.