I had Mike and his guys soundproof my ceiling a few months ago and they did a great job. I called Mike one day over the phone after reading some reviews online and he gave me an estimate on soundproofing my ceiling in my bedroom. The estimate was pretty accurate and he explained to me how this is not an easy or inexpensive project. Let me reiterate, this is not an easy or inexpensive project. You will have to move out of your bedroom (or wherever you are soundproofing) for about 4 days and there will be serious construction done in your house/apartment. I knew it was going to be a big project so I was prepared. The work that was done was very professional and the guys ALWAYS showed up on time. Mike is very easy to get a hold of and easily one of the best contractors I have worked with. Also painting is not included in the price so I went ahead and had them paint my ceiling and my walls after the construction was done. One of Mike’s guys, Angel, did all the painting and it was a perfect paint job. I highly recommend Angel. The best part about working with Mike and his guys is they realize that the year is 2013 when it comes to communication. If you call his cell phone, he will answer, if you need to reschedule or they need to reshedule, it is no problem. I have had other contractors that give me a time window or show up late, this is not the soundproof Chicago way. In terms of soundproofing it is exactly what I expected and I am very satisfied with the results. Before I would say the soundproofing in my ceiling was about a 3/10 (could hear voices and walking was very loud), and now it is at about a 9/10 (can hear hard footsteps very rarely). So if you have had enough with your neighbors and have some money to spend on soundproofing, this is the way to go. Thanks Mike!

Drew, Lincoln Park

You and Soundproof Chicago saved my life! I was being bombarded with noise from 2am truck traffic, freight train horns, sirens, planes and even fireworks from a baseball park. I was going to move. Then I discovered your soundproof windows and my unlivable situation became livable.

I am thoroughly satisfied with my soundproof windows and plan to purchase additional windows as a result. This product really works! In addition, once the windows arrived, they were installed quickly, professionally and with a smile. Thanks Soundproof Chicago! Great Job! Great Product!

Lisa C, Bridgeport

A new soundproof wall was installed between my townhouse unit and a neighboring unit to shield a bedroom/office from unacceptable noise emanating from young children and music. The existing wall was removed and replaced by state of the art “quiet rock” and other materials. Electrical outlets were also replaced and sealed to prevent noise.

This contractor performed an on site estimate with various options. We agreed to the most effective solution and it was less than a week between signing the contract and the time the contractor appeared to do the work. Despite the fact that the demolition of the existing wall was more complex and time consuming than anticipated, the contractor completed the replacement wall in one day as promised. We had engaged a painter to put the decorative finishes on the wall and immediately thereafter the contractor returned to seal the electrical outlets and reinstall the baseboards and crown molding he had removed. The contractor and his employees were punctual, clean and considerate of our home. The work was done on time and within budget. The only surprise was how smoothly the job went. And most important, we no longer have to endure any noise coming from our neighbors. I heartily recommend this contractor to anyone needing his services.

Nick E., Loop

Thanks so much for the great work you did to soundproof our unit. You and your team were very professional, and did a superb job of cleanup afterward. As you said, the room looked better than before you had started.

As for the soundproofing, you were also right on the mark as far as what to expect: we experienced a nearly 100% reduction in airborne sounds, and a reduction in footfall noise as well.

We would definitely use you again!

Brian B. , Edgewater

These windows are great! We recently purchased a window from Soundproof Chicago. We live next door to a very loud church that was keeping our daughter awake at night. We had exhausted every other measure to get them to quiet down, then we found these windows on-line. The team was very professional when answering our questions. We were able to have the measurements taken within a few days and the window was finished in roughly 4 weeks, earlier than expected. Once installed, we noticed a difference immediately. No more noise. We could sleep soundly at any time. An added bonus was that our daughter’s room was warmer in the winter, no more cold air sneaking in. We love these windows and would recommend them to anyone looking to make their home more peaceful.

Juliette G., Lakeview

Soundproof Chicago installed soundproof windows and they truly make a difference in the sound at our house. Before you could hear the trains rumble on by, now that sound is eliminated. Michael Ibarra was very professional, and the installation and workmanship is impeccable. They were clean and efficient in the installation.

Mike and Tracy T., Frankfort, Illinois