Soundproof Chicago

Benefits of Soundproofing

  • Ability to sleep soundly through the night.
  • Increase in overall cardiovascular and mental health.
  • Better relations with neighbors.
  • Increase in productivity at work.
  • Increase in marketability of your property.
  • Create a peaceful environment for your customers.
  • Isolate a room or home for added privacy.

Reduce Noise by up to 95%

Since the mid 2000’s, Soundproof Chicago has been the leader in addressing the growing need for soundproofing in Chicago. Chicago is a unique city, and while taking on projects big or small, we take a unique approach to solving the noise problems it creates. Throughout the process we stay focused on the many needs of the customer, while working thoroughly, neatly, and intelligently to achieve the best results possible. We deal with noises like the elevated rail, freight trains, roadways, noisy neighbors, sirens, and airplanes on a daily basis and provide custom soundproofing solutions for each.

Why Soundproof Chicago? Noise effects your health

Soundproofing is an art and science all it's own. In order to successfully deal with noise, it must first be understood. Finding out the type of noise it is, as well as how it travels into your home or office is very important. Almost as equally important is the knowledge of many products used for soundproofing. Some products work better than others, while some do not work at all. We have spent years perfecting the art of soundproofing and know the best products to use to meet your needs.

Most people know how sleep disturbances and interruptions negatively effect our mood, stress levels, and ability to concentrate at work, but even while we are not sleeping, noise can adversely effect your cardiovascular and mental health. Prolonged exposure to noise has been proven to cause hearing loss, increase in blood pressure, and increase stress levels. Noisy environments are not suitable living environments.

Soundproofing is all we do! Solutions are available!

When it seems like the only solution is moving away from the problem, contact Soundproof Chicago first. After properly assessing your home or office environment, we can provide you with honest answers and proven solutions. If you can't change where you live, you can change how you live. We have helped thousands soundproof their homes, and in turn, improved thousands of lives in the process.

An array of options are available to effectively soundproof windows, ceilings, walls, and doors. After a proper assessment, we can pinpoint the option that best fits your needs and budget.

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    Soundproof Chicago was recently featured in an issue of Men’s Health Magazine.

    Soundproof Chicago was featured on Spike TV’s Bar Rescue in February 2015. Bar soundproofing is one of our many specialties.

    Lou Manfredini from WGN Radio 720 talks to Michael Ibarra from SoundProof Chicago. Click here to listen.