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Sound Absorption Panels

Large empty spaces such as gymnasiums, auditoriums, and conference rooms can act as echo chambers when not properly treated. We install absorption panels in areas effected by noise caused from reverberation and reflection. The panels come in all colors and sizes, and can even be printed with custom artwork. Effective, and attractive equals a win-win for any environment that needs soundproofing.

Recording Studio Construction

We have designed and built studios used for music and voice recording, and audio testing. Certain knowledge is crucial and must be applied to ensure no outside noise will interfere with your music recordings and audio testing. Walls, ceilings, and windows can be constructed to meet requirements to achieve maximum isolation.

Home Theater Construction

Creating an environment for viewing and listening pleasure is more than installing state of the art speakers, a big projection screen, and theater seating. Walls, ceilings, and doors can be treated to ensure that the sound from the speakers can clearly be heard inside, without disturbing the rest of the household.

Door Soundproofing

In multi-family dwellings with long hallways, you may feel as though your neighbors are also your roommates. Hearing everything they say when they’re outside your door and vise-versa. We have experience with soundproofing exterior and interior doors so you don’t hear your neighbors conversations when they walk by. Doing so will also give you the privacy you deserve.

Window Repair and Replacement

Does your home feel like your windows are open when they are closed? Do you have broken or foggy thermal pane units? Before replacing your windows entirely, contact Soundproof Chicago. In most cases, all that needs replacement are the seals around the window and/or the glass units. If your windows are old and need replacement, we can do that too!

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